Android FastBoot Reset Tool v1.2 Free Download For Windows

Android FastBoot and Reset Tool which easily helps you to repair your phone software in the fast boot mode. Nowadays we know that Android is the world’s best and famous operating system for mobile phone devices and tablets. There are 3 billion active users all around the globe who uses this operating system with their phones. To repair any phone we have to set the phone on any special mode which is called the factory mode.

In Samsung phones to repair the software we use the Download mode and like this in some of the Android phones including the MTK and SPD we use the fast boot mode. With the help of this Android Fastboot and Reset Tool, we can easily remove the pattern locks and pin codes from our phones which supports the Fastboot mode. Many of the SPD phones support the Fastboot Mode and some of the Mediatek phones also support this mode.

If you are a flasher so you know that all the HTC phones and Xiomi phones only support the Fastboot mode. So, in this case, we only have to use the FastBoot Reset Tool to simply modify the software of these phones. In the software, there is a separate option for these two phones to work on them.

In the HTC phones, you can easily remove the pattern lock, Pin lock, FRP Lock and all other locks using this tool by putting your phone on the Fastboot mode.

How to Use Android Fastboot Reset Software

  1. First of all, just download and extract the software setup on your PC.
  2. Open the software as an administrator.
  3. After it put your phone to the Fastboot mode By Pressing the Power button + Vol down key at the same time.
  4. Connect the phone with the PC using any Data Cable.
  5. To make any command on the software first check that your phone is connected properly with the PC.
  6. For this connect the phone and press key 1 and press enter if your phone is connected properly. So you see some information about your phone.
  7. If you see the information about your phone so it means that your phone is now ready to work on.
  8. Now press the key which is dedicated to the work and press enter.
  9. To remove the pattern lock the key is 2 so press the key 2 and then press enter.

To use the Android Fastboot Reset Tool the method is very simple and you don`t need and knowledge. Just follow the following setups and you will be able to make some engineering works with your phone. After it, if you face any problem during repair your phone just comment on our site and will try to contact you as soon as possible.

Download V1.2 Android Fastboot And Reset Tool

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